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About Dealer Automotive Group


Q: What is the Dealer Automotive Group (DAG)?

A: DAG was created to help dealers with all their marketing needs under one roof top. DAG has several in-house programs mentioned below. We also have wholesale agreements with some of the top marketing vendors in the Industry. There is no need to look anywhere else for sales results.

DAG can provide your dealership with an All-In-One Marketing Program that targets the the Top Equity Owners in your area that are most likely to buy each month. DAG's in-house products below can target the top equity and in market customers in your area:

  • DAG Interest Rate Reduction Campaign: These are customers that have a 580 or better credit score, 10% of higher interest rate and that have made a minimum of 24 or more payments on the current loan. These potential customers give your dealership the highest conquest conversion rate. We can deploy targeted direct mail, email, re-targeting banners, and voice mail drops.
  • DAG Vehicle Upgrade Program: DAG's VUP product identifies all of your database customers that are in a position to upgrade to a new model. We can deploy targeted direct mail, email, voice mail drops and even video text messages. DAG's CEO is considered one of the Industry's absolute best in this area. DAG can provide consultation, in-store training, complete A-Z implimentation with scripts, forms, sales presentations, best practices and much more.
  • DAG Conquest Program: DAG can identify all equity owners in your competitions database. We can deploy targeted direct mail, and compliment the mail with email, voice mail drops with a buy back message, BDC calls, targeted facebook ads and banners that re-target them online. 
  • DAG Guaranteed eCampaign: DAG can deploy 150,000-500,000 targeted emails that showcase your dealerships best selling vehicles. We can guarantee your dealership with either 30, 40,or 50 new car sales over a 7 week campaign.
  • DAG Social and Dealer Website Banner Program: DAG can help you capture more in market customers by installing our banner technology on your social pages and dealer website. 98% of your website's visitors leave without calling or inquiring. DAG can help you capture more leads by banner placement on specific pages which equals more sales each month.
  • DAG In-house BDC and Dealer Portal: DAG has a fully trained BDC team that helps your dealership by answering calls, setting appointments and even pulling soft credit. All leads, notes, and real time appointments are placed in your custom dealer portal and leads can be pushed to your Dealership's CRM.

Below, is DAG's Top selling in-house products. See our website for dozens of other options.

  1. Interest Rate Reduction Conquest Mail Event: High Interest - Finance Notice Mailer
  2. Guaranteed eCampaign Conquest Event: Direct Video Email Campaign with Direct Mail and Equity Calls 

Q: How does DAG save my dealership money?

A:  DAG’s buying and negotiating power gets stronger as our resources and member base grows.  We are now competitive with some of the nation’s largest automotive groups.  As an independent dealer or a smaller dealer group you will be able to take advantage of some of the most competitive prices in the industry.  Also included as part of the service we will negotiate with all of your current vendors and reduce your expense, or recommend another provider at a discounted rate

Q: Can DAG get better pricing from my current vendors?

A: Yes. When you agree to become a member we will ask that you send over a list of vendors you use that you would like better pricing on. In most cases, DAG will be able to negotiate a wholesale contract with that vendor. As long as you are not under a contract, you can then notify that vendor you are a member of DAG and they will have to honor our discounted rate.

Q: How does DAG save my dealership time?

A: DAG has dealer members all over the US. Our dealer Account Managers hear straight from our dealer members as to what is working and what is not. DAG will recommend products and services that other members have had success with already. This process will save you trial & error and most importantly money.


Q: Is there a contract to sign up?

A: No, there is absolutely no contract to sign up as a member. All we need is a contact person, number and email address from your Dealership. We will send all vendor information and discounted pricing to you each and every month.

Q: How does DAG make money, as nothing is done for free?

A: Our main goal is to get as many dealerships as possible to join the group for free. The more members the better buying power and leverage we have as a group with our vendors. DAG makes a very small % of each order. In the end you will pay less going through DAG on any product or service. In addition, you will receive any DAG in-house product or service at a discount.

Q: As a dealer, how are we invoiced?

A: In most cases you will receive an invoice from DAG. Occasionally, the actual vendor will invoice your store. Regardless, you will receive your DAG member discount and you will always have an account rep at DAG that will assist you with any questions or deliverable on your product or service.

Q: Is there any exclusivity as a member?

A: There is product exclusivity, not member exclusivity. As long as a dealership you are ordering a minimum of two products per month your dealership will have the exclusivity on those products. No other same brand store can order those products. You will need to notify DAG 2 weeks in advance if you plan on not re-ordering any product allowing that product to be open for your competition.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Click here or call (888) 568-8075 or email info@dealerautomotivegroup.com.


Q: What kind of products does DAG offer to the dealer members?

A: We have every kind of marketing product available. Plus many other dealership services.  If you do not see something you need lets us know and we will find it, negotiate a wholesale contract and pass on those savings to you and our other members.

Q: How does DAG choose their vendor products and services?

A:  DAG initially surveyed hundreds of dealerships and asked them what products and services have helped them the most in selling cars . DAG then worked out wholesale agreements with those vendors.  DAG continues to communicate to all of their members to see what is performing best.  In addition DAG researches industry trends and demos many new and cutting edge products before introducing them to its dealer members.

Q: Why purchase through DAG as opposed to going direct to the vendor?

A: DAG has negotiated discounted pricing already. Unless you belong to a very large dealer group already, you would end up paying more going direct. Plus, DAG has the ability to create any direct mail or digital campaign in-house. Why should you deal with multiple vendors when  you don't have to? It is difficult to keep track of different databases when using different vendors. You end up wasting money marketing to the same people. Using one dedicated company with the capabilities of DAG gives you organization and the ability to manage your in market opportunities. 


Q:  What is the role of a DAG Account Manager?

A: Once your dealership becomes a DAG Member you will be assigned an Account Manager. This person will be your main point of contact with DAG and handle all of your product set up and invoicing. He or she will also handle all of your questions & concerns, give you advice, listen to your needs, consult you on best practices, offer recommendations, go over monthly analytics and reports, and help you achieve overall success while making sure you dominate the competition.

Q: What do I need to do as a dealer point of contact?

A: It is important that we hear from your store as to what product and service is working best and what is not. Our dealers input help shape our member experience and success.  So listen to your department heads and send us any suggestions you feel will be beneficial for the group. We are stronger with more input from our members.


Q: How do I pay for products and services?

A: Any invoice of $3,000 or more and you will be asked to pay by check. Simply overnight a check to:

Dealer Automotive Group
10161 Park Run Drive. Suite #150
Las Vegas, NV 89145

**Please also scan a faxed copy of the check to your Account manager so that we can start immediately on the production of your product.

If your invoice is less than $3,000 you can pay by credit card. Your Account Manager will send you a link to pay.

Q: Why do we deal with DAG on paying invoices and not the vendor?

A:  DAG is responsible for making sure your dealership receives their member discounts.  By handling the invoices it will ensure your savings and help streamline all invoices with each product you order. In addition, as a member you will have unlimited access to the DAG dealer member portal to see all of your current and past invoices in real time. You can also check on order status and process reorders (with the touch of a button) online.

Q: What are the Terms and can we cancel at any time?

A:  There are no contracts with DAG. You can decide each month if any of our discounted vendor products fit your dealership’s needs.  No contracts make sure your Account Manager is always working for you finding great products and services at the lowest prices. To cancel simply call (888) 568-8075 or email info@dealerautomotivegroup.com.